Clement Adam

Burn Calories While Working With This Pedal-Powered Workplace

Leuven-based WeWatt created a multifunctional three-seat circular table that’s a workplace and a fitness device at the same time. Stimulating physical activity while working, the company’s WeBike generates electricity to charge your every-day electronic components such as your energy craving smartphone or end-of-battery-life laptop. LEDs in front of every seat indicate the amount of energy generated with cycling….

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#WDCD: Playing In The City

On the second day of the What Design Can Do in Amsterdam last week, I was expecting restlessness from the speakers and the audience. Nevertheless, hosts and speakers at WDCD managed to keep the audience entertained and focused until the end. The last speaker, Andrew Shoben, presented the work of Greyworld, a collective of artists that creates…

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Socialmatic: 21st Century Polaroid


ADR Studio created the Socialmatic camera project, a modern-times Polaroid. The design of the camera is directly inspired by the Instagram icon found on mobile devices. The Socialmatic camera takes pictures, applies Instagram effects and prints the typical square photographs directly from the camera onto custom made paper sheets. The integrated software can connect to the Internet and enables users to share their shots directly on Facebook. Nevertheless, the creators are more interested in real life sharing — they have anticipated a glue strip on the backside of the sheet that facilitates public display of the image. A dedicated space for comments could also be left empty if the user wishes to do so.

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  • Magnetic Bike Lights From Copenhagen

    Designers at Copenhagen Parts are specialized in producing original and innovative lifestyle bicycle gear focused on urban mobility, functionality and style. After creating their pretty brilliant Bike Porter, a handlebar with an integrated basket to help you carry your heavy groceries, Copenhagen Parts introduced their latest genius creation: the Magnetic Bike Light. Bike lights are necessary at night,…

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    Glowing Canals In Amsterdam

    The area of Falmouth close to Montego Bay in Jamaica is famous for its Luminous Lagoon, where water naturally illuminates due to the micro-organisms living in the shallow, warm area where salt and fresh water meets. The fish and giant rays can even be observed from a boat, creating a certain discomfort if one is…

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    The World’s Largest Tetris Game

    On Friday 20 April, a group of hackers at the Massachusetts Insitute of Technology turned the facade of MIT’s Green Building into an awesome playable version of the classic game Tetris. First the word TETRIS scrolled down the facade of the building, a screen of 153 windows = 153 pixels, followed by a giant Tetris game. A console…

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  • Paige Smith’s Geodic Urban Street Art

    Over the past couple of months, shiny crystals quartz and geodes have been discovered in neglected nooks of the Los Angeles Area. The street art project was created by freelance artist and graphic designer Paige Smith, who also goes by A common name. Geode is her latest and ongoing project. The artist uses painted paper as her main material, and…

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    A Narrative Experience In A Patchwork City

    Recently we stumbled upon this stunning 1:200 patchwork of a city that Dutch architecture student Arne Lijbers created at the Waag Society fab lab in Amsterdam. Lijbers used only three ingredients — cardboard, glue and a laser cutter. He says it took him a month to build his imaginary city, but the result is great. Click here for more…

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    TweetingSeat: The Park Bench That Tweets

    Created by Chris McNicholl, a recently graduated product designer at the University of Dundee, the TweetingSeat is an interactive park bench designed to explore the potential for connecting digital and physical communities. Each time someone takes place on the bench, the TweetingSeat takes two photos and uploads these to Twitter. One camera is focused on the bench,…

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