Clement Adam

Vintage Campers For Birds

Vintage camper bird house by Jumahl

Design for animals is hot. Over the last years we’ve encountered loads of projects that extend design principles to the world of animals. Sometimes to improve living conditions for animals or help to preserve a species, sometimes because a designer bird house is prettier to look at. This is another example. Wood-worker Jumahl sells home-made birdhouses on Etsy. The houses are inspired by campers of the 1940s and 1950s, and can definitely decorate your garden.

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A Knitted Playground In Japan

Woods of Net

While some are still active knitting the city, we have focused on other projects and trends shaping the future, but Toshiko Horiuchi Macadam’s ‘Woods of Net’ project deserves special attention. Woods of Net, exhibited at the Hakone Open-Air Museum, is a structure entirely knitted by hand, designed for children to play with: children are invited to crow in, roll around and jump on the net.

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  • Curitiba Cable Car Transforms Into A Library Train

    Library train, Curitiba

    After serving as a humble train wagon, the cable car was installed in 1973 within the center of Curitiba, Brazil, in an attempt to provide entertainment in the heart of the city. It has had many after-lives ever since. First a children care unit to take care of children when their parents needed a break, the colorful wagon was transformed in a tourist information spot during the 1980s. As of 2010, the wagon was transformed into an open library train providing books for local residents.

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    Magic Box: The Kamasutra Of Olympic Architecture

    Magic Box by Dominique Perrault

    Madrid barely missed the occasion to host the 2016 Olympics. Nevertheless, Dominique Perrault’s Magic Box is a remarkable piece of architecture in Madrid. The Olympic Tennis Center holds three tennis indoor/outdoor courts with covered area for 20,000 spectators (12,000, 5,000 and 3,000 respectively). The 100,000 square meter project also contains various outdoor courts, a swimming pool and other social facilities.

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  • App Turns Gothenburg Tram Ride Into A Sightseeing Tour

    Tram Sightseeing, Gothenburg

    Guided tours are expensive and do not let you discover places at your own pace. Design agency Forsman & Bodenfors created the app Tram Sightseeing for Västtrafik, the public transportation company in Gothenburg, Sweden. The app directs you to the nearest tram stop with GPS navigation and lets you begin a 45-minute city tour. Users are notified by audio (headphones please!) during the tour when they are near to a geotagged landmark. In addition, the app shows where and where to transfer trams, thanks to its real-time tram traffic indications.

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    From Smoke Signals To Tweet Clouds

    Tweet clouds

    Similar to traditional smoke signals, Galleria Mall in Brazil spiced up the re-launch of Brazil’s first open mall not by offering people gifts, but by allowing them to create ‘gift clouds’. Using the Flogo Cloud technology, visitors of the mall were invited to send clouds accompanied with a simple tweet.

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    Data Graphic Shows What New Yorkers Complain About

    NYC complaints visualization

    311 is New York City’s main source of government information and non-emergency services. The service, launched in 2003, currently receives some 50,000 calls a day and offers information about more than 3,600 topics — school closings, recycling rules, homeless shelters, park events, pothole repairs, you name it. Each complaint is logged, tagged and mapped, allowing for further analysis. Pitch Interactive came up with this interesting data visualization that provides insight in common complaints by time of the day. The graphic shows 34,522 complaints that were collected between 8 September and 15 September, 2010.

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