Brendan Cormier

Fan Videos For Cities

Fan videos for musicians have become a pretty major part of the online video-streaming world. With increasingly accessible prices for digital video equipment, and user-friendly editing software, expressing your love for your favourite indie band through mash-up edits of kittens dancing on pianos has never been easier. But what if you’re a really big fan…

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Celebrity City Tours 2: Glenn Gould’s Toronto

In the late 1970s the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation put together a series simply called ‘Cities’ where certain celebrity figures gave very personal introspective tours of their hometown to millions of Canadian television viewers. Actor Peter Ustinov showcased Leningrad, and stage director Jonathan Miller took us around London. Most memorable of the series however was not of…

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  • Celebrity City Tours 1: Reyner Banham Loves L.A.

    There’s something indelibly charming about the colour-faded city documentaries of the seventies and eighties. During this time, national broadcasting networks like the BBC and the CBC put out a slew of celebrity-hosted city tours as hour-long TV specials. Half-documentary/half city-marketing, there is something undeniably kitsch about the final products.  Yet, placing the celebrity as the…

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    Staircase Urbanism

    Upon recently completing a competition entry for a new public space in Toronto, where my studio (Department of Unusual Certainties) proposed a giant staircase to nowhere, it was quickly pointed out to me by friends and colleagues, how it reminded them of other staircase projects that have gained popular attention in the last few years, the…

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  • Party At The Moon Tower

    Austin, Texas is famous for breakfast tacos and Richard Linklater films. But it also home to a lesser known but equally great phenomenon known as the moonlight tower. Essentially an infrastructural anachronism, moonlight towers are 50-metre high lighting structures, designed to illuminate several blocks at a time. They were popular in North American cities at the…

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