Brendan Cormier

Night Of The Bicycles

Last summer in Moscow a few hundred cycling and architecture enthusiasts gathered at midnight to take part in a 22 kilometre, five-hour bicycle tour of the city’s architecture. Participants came equipped with bike pumps, helmets, headphones and an FM radio and were guided through the city via a broadcasted audio tour. That year participants were taken…

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  • DIY Publishing: An Interview With What About It

    Last week we featured the new architectural zine SOILED and engaged the editorial team in a discussion on the merits of DIY publishing in the 21st century. This week we take a look at an emerging architectural office/think tank who has recently converted their blog postings into a monograph-zine. What About It is an emerging…

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    DIY Publishing: An Interview With SOILED

    With the recent launch of the ArchiZines website and Actar’s publication of Clip, Stamp, Fold, it would seem that independent architectural publications are enjoying newfound importance in the architectural scene. But in the age of cheap and accessible blogging platforms, what is the value old-school physical printed media has over its online digital cousin? And what inspires people to go down the road of DIY publishing? SOILED is a new independent architecture publication coming out of Chicago. I decided to put these questions to the editorial team of SOILED. The following is a short interview.

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    City One Minutes

    Want to go on a global drift through various cities at any hour of the day from the comfort of your own home? City One Minutes can make your digital derive a reality. City One Minutes is an online resource which portrays the daily rhythm of a city through one minute videos. Each city is…

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  • Trans-Atlantic Walking Routes

    Laura Nanni and Sorrel Muggridge have been working on new ways to explore the city collaboratively. Nanni lives in Toronto and Muggridge lives in Nottingham but the Atlantic divide has only brought them closer in terms of moving about and observing their respective cities. Nanni and Muggridge have developed a correspondence of direction giving. One person goes on a trip from point A to point B in their respective city and writes detailed directions based on their observations of the environment around them. The correspondent is than challenged to go on a similar journey in their respective city using the directions given.

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