Anna Triboli

Pirates Are Ready To Sail Away

At the beginning of summer 2009, I was in Venice when a friend called me with strange news: “the pirates are here”. Not really aware of who those ‘pirates’ could be, I decided to go to see them. What I found was an incredible floating city, consisting of three hand-crafted vessels (named Alice, Maria and…

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  • The Past Is A Good Teacher

    As in all history of art, an artist learns from other artists. The past becomes a teacher, an example and a source of inspiration, and masters are quoted by young students or admirers. This happens in contemporary art as well — just think of the artwork by the Brazilian Vik Muniz, or the portrait of Kate…

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    What You See Is Not What You See

    Normally I use to write about urban interventions and performances on the streets, but this time I would like to spend a few words on a funny, smart project, realized inside the Tate Modern Gallery of London. Many people heard about the great work of the artist Ai Weiwei entitled ‘Sunflower Seeds’. Currently exposed in the main…

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    Geometry Has A New Perspective

    Perspective, illusion and architecture. These are the elements of the work of the Swiss artist Felice Varini. He creates big, colorful, illusionary shapes by painting different surfaces in distinct levels, which, if seen from one unique perspective, suddenly converge into one image, a geometrical and well-defined shape. Varini works in situ choosing an interior or…

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  • The Hanging Garden Of São Paulo

    When art meets nature, in any of its shapes, I am always happy to spend some time of my researches on the results of this evergreen union. The project Margem Arte Publica (realized by Itaú Cultural and curated by the architect Guilherme Wisnik) saw different Brazilian cities, and their suburbs in particular, as new theaters of…

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    Enlightening Nature

    An open air gallery is the theater of the project ‘Outside Videoprojection’, by Ibon Mainar. In his work he chooses natural settings for screening of different images, as if they suddenly pop out of thin air. With his car he travels the Basque country, looking for a good spot for his ‘light paintings’. The result…

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