Anna Triboli

Colors Against Cuts

Under the financial crisis, the ones who pay for the problems of governments and markets are usually the same as the ones responsible for making possible the development of a country, and not only under an economic point of view. I’m talking about health, education and culture. We are sadly used to see politicians trample on what represents the strength and pride of their countries, but when it happens in a place like the Netherlands, we are overwhelmed by a deep feeling of discouragement. Some weeks ago, the Dutch government announced a 40% cut to all cultural fundings (a measure approved on the 30th of June). This decision will fall not only on the heads of dutch citizens, but on every of us who has always looked at the Netherlands as a cultural headlight.

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  • Safety First

    Some month ago in the Mexican city of Guadalajara, a group of students and citizens, exercised their right to have safe bike lanes and, in front of the inertia of local authorities, decided to solve the problem themselves. Equipped with colors and stencil masks, they realized a 2.5 kilometers long bike lane on Santa Margherita…

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    Slow Food On A Fast Subway

    As we recently saw, pop-up restaurants are growing like mushrooms in the most strange places we can imagine. But what if I tell you that also the subway could be the perfect location to have a wonderful lunch? Yes, and not a random one, but New York City’s subway, that chaotic labyrinth full of running…

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