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The Speed Book By Aram Bartholl

The Speed Book by Aram Bartholl

Some time ago I wrote about the question “How to democratize art?”. Aram Bartholl’s work is maybe one of the best examples of how to engage a large group of people with contemporary art. Bartholl meticulously tore down those boundaries built around the image of the ‘artwork’ as something far from our everyday lives, converting people into active participants of his projects. Gestalten dedicated one of its latest publications to him. The Speed Book is the first comprehensive monograph of Bartholl’s projects, with essays on his work, an interview and AB News #1 and #2, two supplements conceived in the shape of a magazine.

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Delicate — New Food Culture

Food is something serious and eating is not only a physical need or routine. The characteristics of food are often based on a rich world of different cultures, ceremonies and social interactions. If eating is an aspect of our lives that we can’t take lightly, cooking is the creative part of it — a true form…

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So Long 2011, We’re Not Going To Miss You

Some days ago, the Spanish collective Luzinterruptus decided to say goodbye to 2011 with an original installation. With the artwork entitled ‘Lo que hemos perdidos en 2011’ (‘What we’ve lost in 2011’) they asked their friends to write down the most important thing they lost in the last year on a piece of paper. All messages…

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  • Guided By Music

    The National Gallery of Denmark launched an interesting project involving art and music some months ago, that breaks the intangible screen that usually divides us from the modern art world. The institute asked several Danish musicians to compose a track based on their interpretation of some of the major works released by Danish and Nordic artists between 1750…

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    How To Democratize Art

    How many times have we heard that art is far from people’s lives, that is something extraneous to the real world? Unfortunately, too much. How can we get people closer to it, making it easy and friendly? Although being difficult, there are a pair of nice examples… Does anyone remember the old, american-style cigarette machines?…

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    Even Money Joins The Protest

    Occupy George

    In these dark times of crisis, everyone should participate to the emerging protests all around the world. Only if everybody stands up and gives voice to his dissent, things can change for good. Each one can do it in his own way, no matter how. Occupy George, for instance, is a great example of symbolic act. As part of the Occupy Wall Street protest in the United States, the project consist in giving away dollar bills printed with fact-based infographics.

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  • A Plastic Archipelago

    To recycle is one of my daily rules. That is why this installation by the British artist Russel Thoburn caught my attention. Experienced in working with recycled materials, this time he created a floating island made from plastic tops, a sort of colorful carpet, placed on a canal of Hackney Wick Fish Island, in the…

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    The Venice art Biennale has become an internationally acclaimed charming and entertaining world as a sort of huge luna park for grown-ups, placed in a matchless scenario. The 2011 edition just left me some good memories of a few amazing works spread between the precious frames of the two main locations: Arsenale and Giardini. One creation that…

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