"Internet Of Things Is Crap, We Care About People Not Things"

In this present climate of excitement and apprehension around the ‘Internet of Things,’ takes a decisive step to make sense of personal data., a recently launched open platform for data-based human expressions, is driven by a firm belief in “an ‘Internet of Everything’ where Humans, Nature, Machines, Objects, Environments, Information, Physical and Virtual…

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  • Recycling Worries And Some Fantastic Things

    Last year, architectural/design competitions and their discontents were much in discussion. Maria Popova led the charge crying for ‘death to design awards’ and was swiftly rebuked for her ‘generalist, populist view point’. While the respondents to Popova themselves were quite generalist and populist too (I mean it is a fact that most of Popova’s arguments…

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    Hybrid Urban Games And #Tahrir Square

    These are very exciting times for hybrid (or augmented) urban games. With Betaville, Chromaroma and TERA, the digital game-space is not only emerging strongly as a character in itself but also transforming the real-world experiences. One does not enter the game-world to ‘escape the real’ any more, but to acknowledge the hybrid and return to…

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    Corruption, Secrecy And 'Immapancy'

    The last year in India was full of scams, corruption charges, leaked telephone conversations, privacy debates and protests against farcical court judgements. And all that made me think how ‘immapancy’, a lack of geographic knowledge, plays a deep role in facilitating corruption and scams, in preserving secrecy. The term ‘immapancy’ has been put into action…

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  • Designing The Best Sounding City

    Isle of Tune is a new city-building game with a musical twist. You start by designing the city with various elements (road sections, and road-side elements like houses, trees, flower pots and street lights) and put cars on the road. When the cars pass these road-side elements, it plays a certain tune or beat. The…

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    The Answer Is Blowing In The Typhoon?

    The third Urban Typhoon workshop was recently organized in Khirkee Village, New Delhi. Khirkee used to be peri-urban village on the South of Delhi, but in the last decades the expanding city has engulfed the village and a big shopping mall and planned housing development sit right next to the village. The workshop, jointly organized by…

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